Josep Mª Brocal i Llobregat

(Terrassa, 1967)

Pep Brocal is mainly a draftsman. This encompasses an array of tasks, from designing book covers to illustrating books for children or drawing cartoons for papers and magazines. He has worked for the children’s magazine Cavall Fort; for the publishers La Galera, Cruïlla, Enciclopèdia Catalana, Barcelona Multimèdia, Montserrat Abbey, Santillana, Teide or Edebé; and for the Spanish daily papers La Vanguardia, El País or El Mundo.

Pep Brocal has been contributing for over a decade to illustrated magazines for children within the Catalan-speaking area. Moreover, he teaches magazine illustration at the Eina school for arts and crafts within the framework of Eina’s postgraduate studies in illustration for children.